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Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Your KitchenAid Oven

March 03, 2016

Your Kitchenaid oven allows you to make tasty meals for you and your loved ones. To keep your oven in tip-top shape,  you want to make sure that you regularly clean your oven and get it maintained to avoid repairs and replacements.

If you do this, than your Kitchenaid oven will last you for years. Like any appliance however, your oven may break down at times. If this happens give Repair Care a call for quick and efficient oven repairs that will get you back in the kitchen faster.  


Troubleshooting Your KitchenAid Oven

If you notice that your oven is giving your food a funny taste, or there is a strange smell, it might be time to clean it. If your oven isn’t regularly cleaned, it will affect its performance and can lead to other issues later on. That spill can turn into a fire, if your oven has not been properly maintained.


KitchenAid Oven Cleaning Tips

You don’t need to clean your oven everyday, but setting up a schedule will help keep it working longer. The type of oven you have will depend on how often you need to clean it. Some might need to be cleaned once a week, others maybe just once a month.

If you notice large spills or piles of food debris, like crumbs, you can easily clean it out once the oven is cooled in between your scheduled cleaning to avoid other problems and give yourself less work later.  

When cleaning your oven, make sure that it is fully turned off and cooled to avoid injury. Start by removing the racks and scrubbing them down with hot water and cleaning solution to remove grime and other caked on food debris. You can leave them to soak if you notice there is a lot of stuck on grime. After you are done, leave them to the side to dry.

While the racks are either drying or soaking, take warm water and cleaning solution and just like with the racks scrub down the interior of the oven to remove any grime. Once the grime is removed, take a fresh clothes and give the inside a quick rinse with warm water to remove any left over soap. When everything is dry, put the racks back in and you are done.

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