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5 Components To Check When Your Stove Won’t Heat Up

August 08, 2016

Is your stove not heating up and you’re unsure of what to do? Before you call in for a professional, you can try to diagnose the problem of your Kitchenaid stove. Figuring out what’s causing your stove to not heat up is not difficult. There are a few components you want to examine to determine if it’s going to be an easy fix, or if you’re better off having a professional perform the repair.

If your problem isn’t listed below, perhaps you it’s time for you to call in for a professional! For a Kitchenaid stove repair in Ottawa, give our technicians at Repair Care a call at 1-888-501-9702!

Replace the Bad Burner

If only one burner is acting up, there is a chance that the issue comes from the single burner itself. To check if the problem is within the burner, swap it with one that is working. If that burner still doesn’t heat up, then the problem is either with the infinite switch or burner socket. Call a licensed technician to come in and test these components, and to find a viable solution for your stove.

Heating Element

When the surface element isn’t working, it is likely due to the heating element. Similar to a light bulb, after a period of use the heating element will burn out. If the surface burner doesn’t work, a replacement is required; you cannot repair a heating element.

Surface Element Board

The surface element board has relays that administers the power supply to the burners. If the relays fail, the surface element cannot transmit power. If two or more of the burners fail, it’s an indicator that the issue is with the surface element.

Loose or Burnt Wires

It is common for the wires near the heating element to burn out. There is no connectivity from the heating elements to the coils when the wires are burned out. To check whether the wire is burnt, examine the wires that connect to the heating element. It will be noticeably burnt if this is the issue.

Power Issue

A likely possibility is that the range is not receiving an appropriate amount of voltage to heat up. Use a multimeter to check the power at the outlet to determine if the electrical outlet has ample voltage.

Checked all the possible culprits but still not sure why your Kitchenaid stove won’t heat up? Call into Repair Care at 1-888-501-9702 for a Kitchenaid stove repair in Ottawa today!