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4 Tips For Keeping your GE Fridge Fresh

August 08, 2016

Nobody wants a smelly fridge, yet almost everyone has dealt with some odd odor lingering in their refrigerator. It’s important that nothing has gone bad in your fridge, especially since you are keeping food in there that you will be eventually eating.

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Clean the entire fridge

The first step may sound unappealing, but it is definitely important. Dispose of anything that you won’t eat in the next few days, or anything that’s already gone bad. If you want to save energy, unplug your fridge and put the remaining food (from the fridge and freezer) in a cooler full of ice. Take the time to scrub all the shelves, drawers, and all other surfaces in the fridge. You never know where food may have gotten as you store your groceries.

Stay natural

It’s probably best not to use dangerous chemicals in a place where food is stored. Fortunately, there are natural cleaning solutions that are safe around food. A safe solution can be made using half a cup of baking soda in a sink of warm water. A half and half solution of white vinegar and water can really help eliminate odor and make that fridge shine.

Other ways to get rid of odors are to put in a tray of baking soda on a cookie tray. Additionally, a dish of dried coffee grounds, oats, and even charcoal briquettes can help take the smell away.

Use airtight containers

Don’t store Chinese takeout or burgers in their cardboard containers or leave leftovers open. By storing everything in airtight containers, this helps your food last longer and fresher. Airtight containers also trap odors inside and prevent a mix of odd smells from blending and producing a more awful smell.

Keep track of leftovers

If you are having trouble remembering when you stored your leftovers, you can label and date leftovers. You’ll know exactly when your food was packed, and you’ll know for sure whether it’s good to eat or needs to be thrown away.

Keep fresh foods visible

Keep your fresh produce on the top shelf so you’ll see them every time you check your fridge. By tucking them away in drawers, you may end up forgetting them, resulting them in going bad. This way, you’ll be aware of what to eat before foods go bad.

Air Filters

Some fridges are compatible with air filters that help neutralize odors and supply a fresh flow of air into your fridge. Be sure to change your air filter at least twice a year.

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