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How To Troubleshoot Issues With Your Samsung Dryer

March 03, 2016

Household appliances makes your daily chores, not to mention day-to-day life so much easier. Your Samsung dryer allows you to dry your clothes faster and more efficiently than ever before. To make sure your Samsung dryer performs it’s best, for as long as possible, it is a good idea to have it regularly maintained.  If your dryer begins acting up, read our quick troubleshooting tips for common dryer problems.

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Troubleshooting Issues

There are a couple of things that can go wrong with your dryer:

• clothes don’t dry or dry unevenly
dryer makes strange noise
•dryer doesn’t get hot
clothes have a strange smell after being in dryer
lint covers clothes
dryer doesn’t operate at all

If any of these issues is happening to you – don’t panic, they can be fixed! You can call a reliable dryer repair service to come and take a look instead of spending hundreds of dollars by replacing your dryer.

If your dryer is causing you to experience any of the above mentioned issues, read through Repair Cares tips for help. If the problem with your dryer is persistent or you do not feel comfortable poking around, then call a technician from Repair Care.

Drying Issues

If your Samsung dryer is not drying your clothes properly or isn’t even heating, it could be a couple of things.

A clogged lint filter can affect how your dryer operates, so make sure you empty it after each cycle. Doing this helps to ensure your dryer keeps working efficiently.

If your clothes seem to be coming out still wet, check the dryer’s settings to make sure its not on a light setting, as that can affect how much heat the dryer uses.

If you notice your clothes aren’t drying evenly, check if you are mixing heavy and lightweight items together. Heavy and lightweight clothing dry differently and will need different heat settings to dry them properly.

If the dryer isn’t turning on, check to see if the unit has power or gas, and make sure that it is plugged in or the gas valve is on. If the dryer is still not heating up, check the thermal fuse or high-temperature sensor and see if they need replacing. If they do, call for a technician to come and replace it.


If you notice your laundry has a strange smell after a drying cycle, check your laundry for things like paint or household cleaners that were not fully washed out, as they can affect the smell of your laundry. The heat from your dryer will make such smells stronger. Also, open the vents in the dryer before using the dryer again.


If you are hearing strange sounds coming from your dryer it could be a couple of things. One thing it could be are your clothes. Metal pieces such as zippers or buttons will make loud clicking or bumping sounds when they hit the interior walls of your dryer.

Often times, coins or other objects left in your jacket or pants pockets can fall out during the drying cycle and bang against the interior walls. If this happens open the dryer, wait for it to stop spinning,  remove the objects, and close the dryer. Make sure to double check your pockets before each cycle. If you are still hearing noises, call a technician for inspection.

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