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Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Clothes Free From Wrinkles

July 07, 2016

Grabbing clothes out of your dryer only to find that they are wrinkled can be quite annoying, especially if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to set up your ironing board and smooth out the wrinkles.

Although some pieces of clothing are bound to get crumpled after spending excess time in the dryer, the methods of how you dry your clothes can actually be the cause of the wrinkles. Most people can admit that they have left the house with more creases on their clothes than they would like, that’s why at Repair Care we have put together a few easy tips you can incorporate into your drying process to reduce those unwanted wrinkles in your clothes!

However, if you notice that your dryer is not only wrinkling clothes but also damaging them, this is a sign that it’s time for a repair! For an LG dryer repair in Ottawa, call into Repair Care at 1-888-501-9702 and book your same-day repair.

Dryer Tips to Help Reduce Wrinkles

Sort each load accordingly. Whether it is a washing or drying cycle, it’s important to properly sort your clothing. Separate your clothes by fabric type and weight to ensure that you can choose the proper washing cycle for that specific load. For example, putting lightweight shirts together with denim pants can cause the shirts to be crushed by the jeans, not allowing them to dry properly. Take a look at the tags on your clothes to make sure you are putting them in the right cycle.

Don’t overfill your washer. You want to avoid overloading the dryer. If there’s too much clothing crammed into the dryer, there won’t be enough room for the heat to circulate. This causes clothes to come out damp, and increases the chances of wrinkles.  

Allow for the clothing to breathe. If your clothing is still damp after a drying cycle, do not fold them up or put them away yet. Wrinkles form more easily on wet pieces of clothing.

Place any damp pieces of clothing on a flat surface and allow for them to air dry completely before folding and putting them away.

Don’t forget to use fabric softener. Fabric softeners are great for softening your clothing, as the chemicals from the detergent can cause them to harden. They also help to prevent static cling and reduce the amount of wrinkles that form on your clothing. Just remember to clean out the lint filter after every cycle.

Shake out your clothes before placing them in the dryer. When you are removing your clothes from the washer, you will notice that they are all twisted and distorted. Rather than tossing them straight into the dryer, shake them out first. This can help reduce wrinkles and speed up the drying process.

Don’t leave your clothing in the dryer. Your clothes will still wrinkle after a proper drying cycle if you leave them sitting in the dryer. When the dryer stops moving, your clothes also stop moving, and they end up layered and crumpled up on top of each other. The weight of all the clothing will cause wrinkles if they aren’t aired out. Remove the clothes soon after the drying cycle is over to avoid this.

Two Unwrinkling Lifehacks You Can Try

Ice Cube Hack. If your clothing is coming out of the dryer wrinkled and you don’t have the time to iron it, throw in a few ice cubes into the dryer along with your crumpled clothing and run it on the hottest cycle. The steam that is produced by the heat of the dryer and ice cubes will help smooth out the creases on your clothing. This lifehack works great with smaller dryer loads.  However, this method is not applicable with larger loads or heavy fabric such as jeans.

Shower Hack. An old, yet effective, drying hack that has been circulating for a long time is using steam to unwrinkle clothing. This is a method is commonly used by people who don’t own a steamer. Start by turning on the shower and run hot water so steam is produced. Once steam has been produced, shut off the water and hang your clothing in the shower. Block off all open airways and allow your clothing to steam for about 15 minutes. The steam will help smooth out the creases on your clothing. If you already take hot showers, you can leave your wrinkled clothing hanging on the bathroom door while you shower; this will smooth out your clothing while you shower, so you’re not wasting water.

Excessive wrinkling can actually cause damage to your clothing. If you think your dryer is the cause of the wrinkles, it’s time to call in for a professional repair! For a LG dryer repair in Ottawa, call Repair Care at 1-888-501-9702 today!