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4 Easy Troubleshooting Tips For Your LG Stove

July 07, 2016

Think about how many times a week you use your oven or stove for everyday meals; chances are, the number is quite high. A broken down oven can throw a wrench in your day-to-day activities. It can be quite frustrating, as it is not only time consuming but it’s also costly to buy take-out for every meal.

Before you put down your money and replace your stove, try troubleshooting your stove with these tips. If you’re still unable to figure out the issue with your stove, perhaps it’s time to call in for a repair!

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Sparking Baking Element

The most likely culprit in a broken down stove is a faulty baking element, which can be found at the bottom of the oven.

If your oven’s baking element is sparking when in use, cut the power source immediately. Give it some time to cool down before you go ahead and inspect the baking element in order to avoid any dangerous incidents that may occur. If you notice any burn marks on the element, it’s a sign that it is in fact damaged and is in need of a replacement.

Do not attempt to use a stove that has a sparking element, as it puts your oven in further danger. A sparking element can result in fire, and needs to be assessed as soon as possible by a licensed repair technician.

Internal Fuse

The internal fuse is a circuit responsible for operating oven and stovetop lights as well as the clock light. Not all ovens have internal fuses, but you can check your user manual to see if your oven does. If your oven lights have stopped working, it is very likely that a fuse has blown out.

You can tell if the internal fuse has burnt out by seeing if the oven clock is working. If your oven clock is still lit up, the internal fuse is not the cause and your oven requires further inspection. If your clock is not working, it’s a clear indicator that a fuse has been burnt out.

Reset the breaker in the circuit breaker box to see if resetting the fuse works. If the clock does not light up after you reset the fuse, then you’ll need to get a repair. Make sure to turn off the breaker before attempting to fix the fuse – a jolt from this much electricity can be fatal. Call a technician from Repair Care to help if this is a problem you are experiencing.

Temperature Sensors

The oven temperature sensor is what controls the temperature on your oven. If your oven is not heating up properly, or not heating up at all, it is likely an issue with the temperature sensor.

There is no visible damage if the sensor isn’t working. You have to verify the problem yourself by conducting a simple test. You can use a multi-meter to check the electrical resistance. If the multimeter tests outside of the range of 20-40 ohms, it is an indicator that the sensor is in need of a replacement.

If you have a modern stove, this issue is much easier to detect, as the digital interface will display a fault code. You can refer to your user manual as each brand and model has their own fault code. If the fault code indicates an issue with the temperature sensor, then you will be much closer to finding a solution to fixing your stovetop.

Not sure what to do? Call our technicians at Repair Care to come have a look!

Surface Burner Element

The surface burner element sits on top of your stove and uses a heating wire that produces heat through an electric current. The burners are usually a coil, ribbon coil or solid type. You can check if the issue is with the coil burners by removing them and checking them with a multi-meter. In the meantime, inspect the terminal block (the prong looking things) to see if there are any visible damages. If so, have them replaced. Remember to unplug the power before you inspect any part of your stove.

Still unsure of what’s causing problems with your stove? Call into Repair Care today at 1-888-501-9702 for a same-day LG stove repair in Ottawa!