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Maintenance Tips: Help Edmonton Residents Avoid Costly Fridge Repairs!

November 11, 2015

When it comes to servicing your fridge, Edmonton homeowners should know that with just 30 minutes of maintenance, your fridge could consistently run in tip top shape!

Fridge Maintenance for the Long Haul

Did you know? Your refrigerator can hold $100 or more in groceries at one time. The fridge is a critical appliance to have in your home, if this breaks down you begin to lose a lot of money and energy. This seems like a terrible problem to run into especially over the holidays, but there are ways to avoid fridge malfunctions. Simply, maintain your fridge and freezer is the easiest way to ensure it will run efficiently for years to come.

Refrigerator Feet Prefer a Level Stance

As you pull your fridge away from the wall, take a look at the appliance support feet. The feet of your fridge rotate freely in their sockets, this gives you a chance to level the entire appliance perfectly. A level appliance allows all of the internal parts to operate properly. You could actually have a leak if the appliance is tilted on an angle. The process of leveling your fridge should only take a couple minutes of your time.

Coils Should Not Be Fuzzy

Although, this job is simple to our technicians it may not be to all homeowners. This is why it is easier for you to maintain the coils that help operate your fridge over time. If you want to clean the coils you should pull the fridge from the wall and wipe them down. Some fridges have the coils underneath it as opposed to in the back. They must be free of dust and able to vent heat from the fridge to be able to do its job cooling the contents inside.

Watch out for dripping noises

You may hear the refrigerator making crackling sounds or settling throughout the day because the temperature is fluctuating. Of course, if you find drips you should know that these are not a normal occurrence. If this happens you should try pulling out the drip pan to see if there is any debris or clogs in the area causing the problem. If you find excessive dripping it could mean water is blocked and could possibly be puddling under your refrigerator.

Refrigerator repair done right!

If you find that you are constantly suffering from refrigerator problems, even after trying our maintenance tips, don’t worry! Simply, call Repair Care technicians at 1 888 501 9702 today or click here for more fridge repair info!