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3 Things That Are Causing A Noise in your GE Fridge

August 08, 2016

Is your noisy GE Fridge driving you nuts? It’s definitely a good idea to fix the problem, as it may also be hindering your refrigerator’s efficiency! Learn how and where the noise is coming from to keep your fridge maintained to the best of it’s performance.

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Condenser Fan Motor

Many frost-free fridges come with a fan cooled condenser coil. The condenser coil removes heat and circulates air over the drain pan to keep the defrost water evaporating. The cause of a noisy refrigerator could be a noisy condenser fan motor. Additionally, this can cause your fridge to run inefficiently as it may not be staying as cold and could be turning on and off on a frequent basis.

The condenser fan motor can be found at the bottom and rear of the fridge. After disconnecting the power, remove the rear access panel to inspect the fan. Look for any debris or objects that could be obstructing the fan. If the fan is not free to move, air won’t be able to flow through the fridge. To keep your fridge running efficiently, vacuum the area frequently and check on the motor routinely. If there is visible damage in the fan motor, rubber mounting grommets, or fan blades, they should all be replaced by a licensed technician.

Evaporator Fan Motor

The evaporator fan motor pulls air over the evaporator coils when the compressor is running. If the loud noises are coming from the freezer, a malfunctioning evaporator motor could be the problem. Other signs that point to this issue are a warmer than normal fridge and that ice is freezing much slower. The evaporator fan motor can be found in the freezer compartment. After unplugging the fridge, remove the evaporator fan cover to inspect the motor. If you see ice or frost causing the noise, a defrost problem is the cause. If the fan blade isn’t secure or is visibly damaged, it should be replaced.

Evaporator Fan Grommet

This component separates the mounting bracket and motor and it also reduces noises caused by vibrations. Over time, the grommets can become worn out or detached, which can cause the noise issue. Before accessing the grommets, the fridge appliance should be turned off and unplugged. The grommets can be inspected through the evaporator fan to figure out if they are the root of the problem.

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