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Repair Your Miele Dryer in Ottawa and Spend Less Time Drying Your Clothes!

December 12, 2015

There are a variety of dryer brands to choose from when selecting the perfect one for your Ottawa home.  Miele is one of the top laundry appliance manufacturers and will ensure your clothing dries properly each cycle!

Although, if your dryer happens to begin lacking efficiency, and you would like to dry your clothes faster, take a look at our suggestions below!

Suggestion 1

If the clothing that you want to dry quickly are as simple as a few pairs of moist jeans, then simply add a large dry towel into the dryer with your wet clothing. The towel acts as a moisture separator which helps reduce the moisture in the dryer and increases the speed of your clothes drying process.

Suggestion 2

Check the moisture of the clothing you want to dry when it is done in the washer. Put your clothing back in the washer and run the spin and dry cycle to remove the excessive water on your clothing, causing it to take longer to dry.

Suggestion 3

When your clothes come directly out of the washer, only take out the necessary clothing to be dried at that time. Separate them from the main part of the wash and put clothes that are needed in the dryer. Typically, putting your dryer on auto high heat and letting it run for 15 minutes.

Suggestion 4

Remove the filter from your Miele dryer and make sure there is no lint blocking it. Large amounts of lint on your filter screen can have a huge affect on your clothing, causing it not to dry fast enough. Make sure to clean it out after each time you use your dryer. This should have your Miele dryer running at its most efficient level.

Suggestion 5

Before you try to dry your clothing, try pulling out the dryer from the wall and remove the air vent hose from the wall or your Miele dryer itself.

If you are a homeowner in Ottawa who has a Miele dryer and it is not drying efficiently, it is time to call our technicians who work all year round including weekdays, weekends and holidays and are familiar with the most common Miele dryer parts. Call us at 1 888 501 9702 or click here for more information now!