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How to Defrost A Samsung Refrigerator ?

October 10, 2020

Frost formation in your Samsung Fridge could be due to many reasons, It could be at user fault or parts which control and governs the auto defrosting system in a fridge like Defrost Heater, Defrost Thermostat and the Control Board. Nevertheless we must get the ice defrost from our fridge.

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Turn the Samsung Fridge off

It is mandatory to turn your Samsung Fridge before you start the defrosting process. If you try to keep your Fridge running while you are on defrosting task, will impeded your defrosting work and also its a huge risk for electric shock. For instance, if you leave your fridge on and you are placing bowls of hot water on every shelves to defrost the ice. You might end up with broken fridge all together. While the evaporator coil is trying to release cool air, the steam from your hot water bowl would be trapped on the coil. As a result, frost forms on the coil.

Remove all the items from Fridge

Get a spacious cooler with ice cube ready to store all the foods items from yo ur fridge. Defrosting manually take times. This is perfect time for long overdue fridge cleaning for good. Empty all foods and take out all the shelves and crisper.

Keep the door open.

The primary method of defrosting your Samsung Fridge can by done by keeping its door open. As the fridge has been turned off, opening the door will allow warm air to go into fridge. It will help melts the ice stuck on the walls.

Below are other things you can do to expedite the defrost process

  • Using bowls of hot water.
  • Scraping
  • Use a blow dryer
  • Use a fan

Hot water bowl is most effective way to defrost the ice quickly. Place hot water bowl on the shelves in the fridge. The steam would heat up the ice on the walls.  Try to change the water every now and then, just so defrosting is effective with newer hot water.

We can also scrapper to scrap ice off the walls. But be very careful if you are using sharp objects. It might puncture the walls or the fridge freon gas line.

Use a hair dryer to defrost your fridge is safe and effective. The portable and hot air from the dryer is very convenient to use and effective.

We can also use a Fan to circulating the warm air into the fridge. This will help defrost the ice buildup much faster.


Once defrost has been done completely. Get a Appliance Repair technician to look at the fridge. Timely repair can be safe and prolong the lifespan of your Samsung Fridge.