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How to change Water Filter – Maytag Refrigerator.

August 08, 2020

Changing Maytag Fridge Water Filter is a very quick and crucial process. It should be change every six months.

Water Filter change can be done in 3 simple steps.

  1. Find it – Usually its in the upper right top corner or the left side of the grille base.
  2.  Identify the Filter – Maytag Fridge Water Filter has single digit number printed on every type of Filter. Each type slightly different than the last type.
  3. Replace the Filter.

For today’s tutorial – How to replace Fridge Water Filter # 1 ?


  • Locate the Water Filter Cover in the upper right corner inside your Fridge or in the base Grille.
  • Lift the Filter door up and pull the Filter out and discard it
  • Remove the protective covering from the O-Ring of new Water Filter
  •  Please make sure O-Ring is intact after the cover has been removed.
  •  Insert the new Filter into the Filter slot, make sure not to force the Filter in. Gently slide in easily and rotate to ensure the notches are properly aligned.
  • Once Filter is replaced, run water through the line to flush it thoroughly through the new Filter.

There are various type of Water Filter, Ensure one must verifies the Filter Type for a smooth installation process.

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