What Causes The Samsung Refrigerator Ice Build Ups

What Causes The Samsung Refrigerator Ice Build Ups

The broad and simple answer is a clash of cool air with hot and humid air inside the refrigerator or the freezer compartment for one or many reasons as discussed below.


The cool air which circulates inside the refrigerator and freezer cavity needs un-interrupted flows throughout the space to keep the temperature at optimal level and thus keeps the food fresh and cool.


When the cool air meets with hot and humid air from outside it makes frost and eventually ice buildups.


  • Hot and humid air can be sipped through door not closed properly
  • Door seal being cracked and ripped
  • Improper ventilation of cool air

Homeowners should always close the door properly to let any hot air sip into the fridge and cause condensation and ice buildups. Its a simple practice that can save you unnecessary technician visits and obviously service charge to tell you that you need to close the door properly.


Should your refrigerator be over 5 years old, I would recommend try to check on the door seal or gasket for any physical damages or stiffness. A door seal rubber should be soft and with no wears and tears to secure the air tightness to the fridge. 


A vaseline jelly can be used on a stiff rubber gasket to bring back its softness and hence provide a better insulation.  If you got a ripped rubber seal, It has to be replaced with a new one to avoid further damage to the refrigerator.


If you checked your door is closing properly and rubber seals are intact and in good condition. The next steps involve a little bit of techy diagnositc procedure.


Defrost Timer

One of the most common culprits with Samsung ice build ups is faulty Defrost Timer. 

Defrost Timer basically tells the Defrost Heater when and how long it should heat up to practically defrost the accumulation on the evaporator coils. 


A faulty Defrost Timer failure will lead to ice buildups. Any indication of its malfunction needs to be resolved by replacing the damaged Defrost Timer.


Defrost Heater Assembly

As Defrost Timer works round the clock to signal to the Defrost Heater to initiate its heating process. It’s important that the Heater Assembly should be in working condition to accept those indications from Timer. 


Should your diagnosis find faulty Heater Assembly. It has to be replaced to get ice buildup resolved for your refrigerator and freezer.


We know sometimes life is so hectic to spend your valuable time to carry on DIY with little information and knowledge to make matters worse than it actually is.


Now that you know what is potentially wrong with your Samsung refrigerator ice build ups lately. You can now make a better judgment to get a professional repairman to come fix your refrigerator issues.


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