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Why Roof Ventilation is Important in Winter and Summer

January 01, 2017

Roof ventilation refers to a system of air intake vents that allow the outside air into the attic space below the roof in a home. This intake of air is important, as it helps to regulate the temperature in the attic space. Proper ventilation is necessary all year long, as the Winter and Summer months provide very different conditions and potential problems to the roof. Keep reading to find out how roof ventilation benefits the home in Winter and Summer.

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Winter Ventilation Problems

During the Winter, the air inside the building is warmer and carries more water vapour than the air inside the attic, which is cold and dry. Things such as cooking, humidifiers, showers, laundry, and  anything else that uses water will add to the amount of vapour in the air. The water vapour in the air is able to pass through the ceiling into the attic, where it can condense into a liquid; when this occurs it can dampen the insulation and create faster heat loss in the attic. As well, it can also lead to mold and mildew.

The home’s heating system will have to work harder to regulate the air in the home in order to keep it warm, which not only increases the amount of energy the home uses, but it increases the homeowner’s energy bill as well. By providing proper ventilation, the colder outside can be brought into the attic. This stops the water vapour from condensing into a liquid, which keeps the insulation dry, and thus helps keep the house warmer. Because of this, proper roof ventilation also allows the home to be more energy-efficient.

Summer Ventilation Problems

The air in the summer provides a different problem. The air in the attic during the Summer is much higher in temperature, and heats the ceiling insulation. When this happens the heat in the ceiling is able to make its way down into the house below, heating it up. This also makes the air conditioning system have to work harder to regulate the temperature in the home. The hot air in the attic can also lead to issues with the shingles and sheathing. By providing proper roof ventilation, the roof allows outside air to enter the attic area, which helps to regulate the temperature in the attic, stopping the rooms below to rise in temperature, and use less energy to cool the house, thus saving the homeowner money on energy bills.   

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