VIP Appliance Repair Service

About RepairCare’s VIP Appliance Repair Service For Property Managers and Warranty Providers

After more than 100,000 appliance repair jobs, we at RepairCare have continued to value long-lasting relationships above all else. We’ve provided repair services for property managers, warranty companies, and other commercial businesses across Canada. Together with our amazing customers and partners, we have developed a formula for repair servicing that has resulted in hundreds of positive reviews.

What You Can Expect

It’s simple. At RepairCare, the customer is at the forefront of all we do. Your customers are our customers. From the moment we get a work order from you, we take ownership of the service need of your customer until the job is complete. As the repair progresses, we will update your customer. We will also alert the customer before the technician arrives. When applicable, every 2 to 3 days, we will update your customer about the status of the repair. Even if the update is “no update” because the part is in back order, we will keep your customer informed. Ultimately, this reduces your customer’s need to call you for the purpose of expressing complaints.

Our Adaptable Step-by-Step Process:

  1. We receive a service request from you, our commercial customer, in whichever way best suits your needs. The following are examples of the ways work orders are sent to us by commercial customers:
    – Through a web portal;
    – In an email;
    – Via phone call;
    – Via Text Message; or
    – In the manner best suited to your needs.
    Each business has its own system of operation, and we at RepairCare remain flexible and prepared to provide repair services in a manner that conforms to your existing processes.
  2. Upon receipt of a work order, our office will do the preliminary work required to ensure that the technician dispatched has the skills and expertise to provide your client with the needed repair service.
  3. Our office will call your client and schedule a repair service appointment.
  4. As the repair progresses, your client will be updated every 2 to 3 days with information about the status of the repair, even if there has been no change since the last update.
  5. Once the repair has been made, you will receive notification that the work order is completed.

When everything is working according to plan, it’s all easy. But… What happens when the client is not reachable or a part is required and it is in back order? As you may understand, jobs can easily get stuck and eventually the client may want to call you to complain. With our approach of staying in close touch with your customers, we’ve got you covered!

The [Not That] Great Job Cycle

At RepairCare, we treat all repairs as though they were for an IT company managing a 1-million-dollar programming project. Each repair has a project manager who communicates with your customer. We are painstaking about this process so that your customer will stay on track and will not call your office to complain about the needed repair.

What Our Unique Service Includes?

Flat fee for the repairs
This Flat Fee includes unlimited visits until the appliance is repaired. If the appliance cannot be repaired or the parts are more expensive than the job approval or pre-approval amount, a reduced service call will be charged.

Limited warranty of 3 months
Our 3-month warranty beats the industry standard of only 1 month on any client complaint related to the original complaint.

Full transparency with your business
We have had a few bad reviews from customers wanting our technicians to play part in their scam against their warranty company for the purpose of getting a new appliance. Our technicians refused to do so. We are happy to get these types of bad reviews as they prove our honest standing in the marketplace.

Taking the pressure off of your company!
We understand that your business decided to outsource a repair in order to save manpower and possibly avoid a headache. This is exactly where we fit. Our designated team member at RepairCare will contact your customer as soon as we receive the work order, and the first visit will be scheduled. From that moment, our office will be in contact with your customer until the repair is completed.

Work per your instructions!
Every company has its own way to work with other businesses. Some have advanced web portals, some will send us emails, and some will call or text with a work order. Our company is designed to work with your existing processes and accommodate your needs.

Pre-approval amount per repair
Every company has its own pre-approval amount for each repair. Our technician will work based on your instructions, and our office will communicate with your office if a part is more expensive than the pre-approved amount.

Availability and scalability
We started our services in the GTA with 3 appliance repair technicians and have grown our availability and geographic locations over the years, based on our commercial customers’ demands. As of today, we work with almost 100 technicians in Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. We will be happy to open more service areas to meet the demands of your business.

Small Appliances Repair
Over the years, some of our customers have requested service for various small appliances, including Kitchenaid Mixers, Robo Vacuums, espresso machines, etc. As a result of these growing requests, we built a lab that specializes in small appliance repair. Our process is a bit different with respect to repairing small appliances. Once we receive a work order, we will send your customer a shipping label (the same way Amazon sends labels to their customers). Once your customer sends us the small appliance, our lab will repair it and send it back to your customer’s home. As in our major appliance department, your customers will get constant updates so that they stay informed regarding the process, the status of the repair, and next steps.

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