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Broken Stove or Cooktop is giving your stress? We never understand how important our home appliance is until it stopped working. Specially when it’s your household Stove or a Cooktop.
We can broadly find two different type of Stove or Cooktop base on fuel it is being powered by. An Electric Stove or a Gas Stove or Cooktop. Early Electric stovetops with coil top and the modern glass or ceramic top both its own pros and cons. We are seeing decline in coil top stove these days and market is flooding with glass top ranges. Gas Stove had been first choice for home chefs cooking enthusiasts.
Irrespective of fuel types, Every Stove tend to break down and need maintenance and repair due to age and mechanical or electrical components failure.


Some of most common Stove or a Cooktop problem are below.

• Oven doesn’t bake evenly
• Oven won’t turn on and off
• Oven not heating
• Stove burner wont light
• Range Surface Element won’t turn off
• Stove heating element not working
• Oven door issue Or Oven glass door broken


Igniter is the most common part that goes fails with age of Gas Stove. A faulty Igniter will not able to open the safety valve properly in a gas stove and ultimately the Stove will not heat. Igniter needs to change.
The other common problem with an oven is damaged Bake or a Broil Element. One can easily check for a any physical damages like holes or blister. Any physical damaged on Element will not allow current to pass through it and will not heat. If a bake or broil element has burned out, you can check the continuity with a multimeter to test the element for continuity. In either case, we need to change the Bake or Broil Element.

Glass Cooktop or Ceramic top’s most common issue is one or all its surface Element are not working or heating. The Relays regulates the power supply to all the burners/elements. Continuity check will determine if damaged Relay is causing it or its control boards are culprit.

A cracked Glass Cooktop cannot be repair unfortunately and has to replace the Glass Cooktop. We have stock of almost all the brand and its models. Changing the whole glass cooktop will dramatically change the cooking experience and prolong the life of your cooktop with another decade or so.
We repair and do installation work for every major brand.

Should you have any problems with Stove, Cooktop and Ranges. Call us right away for the same day services at 1-888-501-9702. We have over 450 reviews from our happy clients and star rating of

GE Range / Oven / Stove / Cooktop Repair

GE Range and Cooktop have both the electric and gas model. GE Profile models have the newest technology in domestic cooking equipment. Whether you have cracked Cooktop glass needs to replace Or one of Heating Element is not heating. GE Oven door glass needs to be replaced? We got you covered. Repaircare Appliance Repair technicians know the GE stoves inside and out, and will have your cooktop up and running like new! Call us today for your same day service call.

LG Range / Oven / Stove / Cooktop Repair

LG Stove has great life expectancy with good maintenance. Some of the common LG Stove issues are Bake Element not working, LG Oven temperature is not accurate Or Oven not heating. LG Cooktop glass needs to be replaced. LG Oven glass door needs to be replaced and its control knobs are broken. We have well stock LG genuine parts to prolong your Stove efficiency and lifespan. If you LG Stove and it’s broken. We have fixed it. Call Repaircare for same day service.

Whirlpool Range / Oven / Stove / Cooktop Repair

Whirlpool stoves are some of the most reliable stoves available on the market today. They are great cooktops for the consumer. This being said, every great machine needs maintenance and repair eventually. Whirlpool Stove burners do not work Or Oven Bake and Broil Element is not working. Oven Glass door that needs to replace. Call Whirlpool Stove Repair expert for same day Whirlpool Oven Repair in Toronto Area * Kitchener Area * London Area * Ottawa Area * Calgary Area * Edmonton Area * Greater Vancouver Area and the surrounding area.

Maytag Range / Oven / Stove / Cooktop Repair

Maytag Professional Stove provides the dependability you need to get food on the table. Maytag Cooktop boasts innovative features to make preparing meals easier than ever. The new power preheat and the power element for your perfect steaks.
Maytag Stove burner won’t light Or Maytag Range surface element won’t turn off Or Maytag Oven fan won’t turn off Or Range burners spark all the time. Maytag Oven glass doors need to be replaced Or Maytag Cooktop Glass needs to be replaced. Maytag Stove Repair Toronto can provide you all the solutions to above and all the possible issues with Maytag Stove.

KitchenAid Range / Oven / Stove / Cooktop Repair

KitchenAid provides elegant and highly functional cooktops at a very affordable price. They are highly reliable, and just like all KitchenAid appliances; they look great in any kitchen.

KitchenAid Stove common problems we have seen on multiple occasions are KitchenAid Stove Timer doesn’t work Or KitchenAid Stove Heating Elements wont start Or KitchenAid Cooktop Ceramic Glass cracked need to be replaced. KitchenAid Stove broken burner Knobs.
KitchenAid Stove Repair expert Repaircare takes care of all the possible issues with KitchenAid Stove, Range and Cooktop. Stress free, and efficient and functional Kitchen is one call away.

Frigidaire Range / Oven / Stove / Cooktop Repair

Frigidiare is an American brand of Home Appliances for domestic and commercial consumers.
Frigidaire Stove, Despite the reliability of the brand, Does breakdown like any brand. Common Frigidaire Stove issues are Frigidaire Oven Broiler not working, Frigidaire Oven not self cleaning, Frigidaire Stove Heating Element not working.

Contact Frigidaire Stove Repair in Toronto for immediate relief from malfunctioning Stove.

Samsung Range / Oven / Stove / Cooktop Repair

Samsung provides a wide variety of different cooktops including gas, electric and induction. Even though the Samsung cooktops may appear to be complicated, Our Samsung Appliance Repairmen diagnose the problem instantly and be able to repair it. Be it Samsung Stove Burners are not working, Samsung Oven Heating Element is damaged or Samsung Oven is not maintaining the desired Temperature. Samsung Glass Cooktop is shattered.
Our Samsung Technician will carry the Fragile Glass Cooktop from warehouse sound and secure and install it promptly.

Call Samsung Stove issue technician in Toronto Area * Kitchener Area * London Area * Ottawa Area * Calgary Area * Edmonton Area * Greater Vancouver Area and the surrounding area

Miele Range / Oven / Stove & Cooktop Repair

Miele Cooktop Electric/Gas Designs has Heating styles for individual kitchen style and size. Miele Founded in Germany, Miele products are pioneers in advanced high end design with state of art technological functionality Home Appliances.
Looking for a Miele Cooktop Service in Toronto Area * Kitchener Area * London Area * Ottawa Area * Calgary Area * Edmonton Area * Greater Vancouver Area and the surrounding area. Contact us for the same day Miele Cooktop Repair.

We source Miele parts directly from Miele Canada and Miele Germany, ensuring your high end Miele Cooktop always gets high quality parts and Services.

Thermador Range / Oven / Stove / Cooktop Repair

Thermador manufactures some of the most ultra luxurious cooktops consumers can purchase. Thermador provides a cooking experience that no one else can match. Our technicians are more than capable of repairing even the most complicated cooktops! Call us today and ask about our same day service.

Highly skilled Thermador Repair technicians is one call away.

Viking Range / Oven / Stove / Cooktop Repair

Viking Stove is a High-End Cooktop Brand, that is one of the top choices for all cooking fanatics and chic Kitchen. Their unique blend of quality, design and performance come unmatched in the industry.

Viking Stove Repair Technician needs equally professional and experienced to keep up with its ever changing cooking equipment technology. We have Viking specially trained Technicians to provide support and service for Viking Stove not starting at all issues to Viking Stove Burner is working and to Viking Oven not keeping temperature.

We provide Viking Stove Repair service in Toronto Area * Kitchener Area * London Area * Ottawa Area * Calgary Area * Edmonton Area * Greater Vancouver Area and the surrounding area.

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