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Signs that You Need to Replace Your Carpet

January 01, 2017

With all of the things going on in your daily life, replacing your carpet might not necessarily be the number one thing on your mind, but carpets don’t last forever, and eventually you will have to replace it. Keep reading for some easy to spot signs that will tell you if your carpet needs to be replaced.

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Signs that You Need to Replace Your Carpet

Old carpet

Does your carpet look like it was trendy decades ago? Have you lost track of how many times you’ve had it cleaned? If yes, it’s time to get new carpeting. Most flooring experts agree that your carpet should be replaced about every 10 years or so. This is because, after the 10-year mark, your carpet will really show signs of wear and tear. If you can see the major walkways in your home, this means that the carpet fibers are starting to lose their texture. Other signs of an old carpet include lack of padding support, matting, ripples, wrinkles, and color fading.

Gross Smells

If you are noticing foul odors that are still lingering no matter how often you clean your carpet, you should really be replacing it. Often this is an indicator that there is mold and mildew growing underneath, in which you will have to remove the carpet to get rid of it. Often the mold will begin to grow into the carpet fibers, making the smell more noticeable. It’s often more cost-effective to replace the carpet in order to fully eliminate the gross smells.

Stains in the carpet

Over the years you are bound to get some spills on your carpet. If those spills are turning into stains that just aren’t coming out, no matter how many times you clean them, it might be time to replace the carpet. Many carpets come with a special stain-resistant finish, but the finish will fade over time, and result in stains that are harder to get rid of.

Wear and tear on carpet

Just like anything, your carpet is going to show signs of wear after a few years. If you are constantly putting furniture over your carpet to hide signs of wear and tear, this is a sign to replace your carpet.  

Carpets with polyester fibers tend to matt and losing their form. Once it falls down and loses its texture, the carpet won’t return to its former state, no matter how often or well you clean it. Carpets made from nylon, however, tend to be more resilient than other types of carpets and will respond well to carpet cleaning, even when they have become matted down. While it is possible to fix some small tears and rips yourself, it is a lot easier to replace your carpet.

Increased allergy symptoms

Are you noticing your allergies getting worse? This could be a sign to replace your carpet. Older carpets tend to catch and hold more dirt, dust, and other allergens, which can cause your allergies to act up. If you notice an increase in allergies in either yourself or others, it might be time to start thinking about replacing your carpet.

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