Plumbing Services in Richmond


RepairCare plumbers are qualified, certified and available for your plumbing needs all year round including weekdays, weekends and holidays. 

Richmond homeowners have lived through the horrors of leaky pipes and flooded basement. But when these happen to you, the first step is getting in touch with a professional plumber in the area who can quickly asses and expertly repair the damage.

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Plumbing Services offered in Burnaby:

  • Leak Repairs
  • Flood Protection
  • Plumbing Diagnosis and Inspection
  • Clogged Drains
  • Sewer Backups

Leak Repairs in Richmond

Leaks result in extensive household damage when not immediately attended to. Along with damaged pipes, worn out hardware, and poor connections, make sure to check the toilet, as household leaks commonly start there. You should also look out for leaky fixtures, like faucets, sinks and shower heads in your Richmond home. These items may start leaking just a little but which may not seem like a big deal, but can ultimately turn into major pipe failures requiring more extensive and expensive repairs when not immediately taken care of.

Flood Protection in Richmond

Natural disasters can strike anytime in Richmond, but you can prepare for and protect your home from damages they cause. Start by waterproofing your house and fitting it with flood protection measures. This preventive expense gives you back thousands of dollars in savings, as it saves you the cost of recovering valuables and repairing your house in the event of a disaster.

Plumbing Diagnosis and Inspection in Richmond

Booking a preventive maintenance inspection of your Richmond home’s plumbing helps identify potential issues and avoids the need for extensive repairs when damage actually occurs. This protects the long term health of your home, as a professional diagnosis and inspection of plumbing, pipes, toilets, drains, and fixtures safeguards your home and valuables when leaks cause large-scale damage.

Clogged Drains in Richmond

Clogged drains always cause problems in Richmond homes, and just about everywhere. When you notice water building up around the drains, be on the watch and drain the water build up. But if you need help making sure it’s done right, call us at RepairCare, and we will quickly send a licensed and qualified plumber to your house in Richmond to inspect and unclog damaged drains, as well as share professional tips for preventing future clogging.

Sewer Backup in Richmond

Backed up sewers in Richmond are due to excess water following heavy rainfall, drain line corrosion, blockages from tree roots, improper disposal of grease products, or flood that leads to sewage out of sewer lines, which could end up entering your home through drain pipes. If water does enter your home, make sure to get help right away for this emergency by calling us at RepairCare.

RepairCare is here to help you with any plumbing needs in the Richmond area. Our plumbers can swiftly and expertly address any plumbing issues in your home,  all year round including weekdays, weekends and holidays. Call us at 1-888-501-9702!