Same Day Appliance Repair In Ottawa, Ontario!

Ottawa, welcome to your one-stop shop for any and all of your appliance repair and service needs. At RepairCare, we offer same-day repairs and we can proudly guarantee your satisfaction with our service. Our technicians are licensed and insured, and they pride themselves on their customer service so that your appointment with us is as easy and as stress-free as you’d like.

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Fridge Repair Services in Ottawa

RepairCare offers the most affordable fridge repair services for all of the leading brands, including General Electric, LG and KitchenAid. Maybe your fridge is leaking, or maybe the freezer gets so cold that all of your food is frostburnt. We’ve got you covered! Our technicians are professionally trained to deal with any and all of your refrigerator repair and service concerns.


Oven Repair Services in Ottawa

Say, have you got a gas oven that won’t light? No problem! RepairCare has technicians who are specially licensed in dealing with gas ovens of any make, whether it be KitchenAid, Superba, LG or another manufacturer. We offer same-day service, so take your mind off of your worries and give us a call today so that we can get a technician over to you at your soonest convenience to put repairs on your faulty unit.


Stove Repair Services in Ottawa

A faulty stove can be a fire hazard, and a danger in your home. Fortunately, the technicians at RepairCare are specially trained in dealing with malfunctioning stoves. Whether you have a Superba, LG, a KitchenAid or another appliance, we can have a technician over to you today to repair that unit for you!


Dryer Repair Services in Ottawa

Does your dryer make noise? Do your dryer cycles end short? Whatever the issue is, at RepairCare we are prepared to deal with it for you. We have technicians trained in repairing and servicing Maytag, LG and Whirlpool units, as well as others. If you’re in the Ottawa area, give us a call at RepairCare today and have your dryer functioning normally right away!


Washer Repair Services in Ottawa

A broken washing machine can lead to leaks and – even worse – floods! In the event of a flood, you could end up paying thousands to repair the damage. Before that happens, get in touch with RepairCare and make an appointment with one of our technicians. We’re happy to help!


Dishwasher Repair Services in Ottawa

If your dishwasher just won’t wash another dish, get in touch with us at RepairCare and we’ll put it back in business for you. Our technicians are trained to deal with both the Whirlpool and KitchenAid brands as well as many others. At your convenience, we can set an appointment and have your dishwasher up and running in no time.


Why Choose RepairCare?

At RepairCare, we pride ourselves on our same-day service and our high-quality service. We believe in continuing to train our technicians in the latest in appliance technology and repair, and we equip our technicians with the best in terms of technology as well as keeping a wide variety of parts in our fully stocked vans to ensure same-day repairs to our customers.

For same-day repairs in the Ottawa area, and service you know you can rely on, call us today at 613-900-1924 or book an appointment online!