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LG Stove Repair and Maintenance

February 02, 2016

Your stove is the heart of your kitchen; when it’s not working properly, your day-to-day activities can be affected. LG offers a wide variety of stoves to suit your needs and preferences. But whether it is a gas or electrical stove, maintenance can be tricky. Do not fret, there are some easy methods to keeping your stove in tip top shape. If you need an emergency repair service, call a Repair Care technician to help you with your stove repair. Oven repairs are also available!

LG Stove Troubleshooting

Detecting problems with your stove isn’t always easy. One thing you will notice if you are having stove problems are your elements. Make sure to check that your elements are heating up; if they are not heating up,  or they’re heating up too much, be sure to call a technician right away. Also, if you notice a gas-like smell while your stove is in use, also be sure to call for assistance. Remember, continual cleaning and maintenance of your stove helps in keeping a functioning oven and overall kitchen.  

Cleaning an LG Gas Stove

When cleaning any stove, make sure all burners are completely off and cooled. Remove the grill, grates and burner caps from the top of the stove and place them in warm, soapy water. While those are soaking, begin to scrub off all food debris that is left on the stove top. Once food is wiped away, give the stove top another wipe with a strong cleaning product. Also remember to give your control panel and knobs wipe down. If your stove top opens, make sure to get underneath and clean any fallen grease or food particles. When you are satisfied, go back to your grill, grates and burner caps and scrub any remaining buildup off of them. When you are satisfied allow to dry, and replace back onto stove.

Cleaning an LG Electric Stove

Cleaning and maintaining an electric stove is a breeze. Make sure your stove is completely off and cooled down before cleaning. Using soap and water, take a clean cloth and wipe off and leftover food residue. Repeat until all food debris is gone to keep stove in good working order, and to prevent any possible kitchen fires.

Is your LG oven or stove broken down? Call Repair Care at 1 (888) 501 9702 for a same-day diagnosis and repair!