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Keep Your Washer In Top Condition With These Maintenance Tips

June 06, 2016

Like all other household appliances, the more your GE washer is used, the more likely it is to experience issues over time. It is important to keep in mind that proper maintenance of your GE washer will help prolong its lifespan. If you’re experiencing issues with your GE washer and need a repair in Edmonton, call RepairCare where one of our professionals will help you set up an appointment. Below  are some tips you can follow to maintain your washing machine!

Use Proper Detergent

Keep in mind to use detergent that is made specifically for high-efficiency (HE) machines and use the correct amount; more does not necessarily mean better. Regular detergents produce a lot of sud, and will gradually build up a layer of film of the drum and hoses of your washing machine. This can potentially produce mold and may eventually damage your machine mechanically or electronically. Read the label of your detergent carefully to see if it’s high-efficiency compatible.

Use Speed Best Suitable For Your Load

Make sure you are using the spinning speed that is most suitable for the size of the load you are washing. Not only will this keep your clothing lasting longer, but it will keep your washer lasting longer as well. If you are constantly using the high spinning speeds to wash your loads even if it’s unnecessary, the more prone your machine is to extra wear and tear. This could potentially damage your washer in the long run if you constantly have it on the wrong speed.

Avoid Liquid Softeners if Possible

Liquid softeners work by layering oils onto your laundry as well as the machine. As the residue builds up, it becomes harder to wash off your washer. If you don’t want to completely forego liquid softeners, then one tablespoon is sufficient enough for an entire load. This also applies to bleach. If you want to use bleach, the recommended usage is one tablespoon for concentrated bleach and two tablespoons for normal bleach. High efficiency washing machines uses less water so the less product used, the better.

Immediately Remove Finished Laundry

You should avoid leaving damp clothing in the washer, as it can cause mildew to grow and leave behind nasty odors. After removing your clothing from the washing machine, leave the door of the washer open for it to air dry. This can help to prevent mold and mildew from building up in the washer.

Clean the Rubber Seal

Any kind of rubber seals are prone to develop mold over time if it is constantly exposed to You can clean the rubber seal of the washer door by using water and vinegar with a 1:1 ratio. Q-Tips are great for areas that are hard to reach or clean. Remove any hair or fabric as they are usually what traps the odor and houses mold. You can also wipe the inside of the drum with the half and half solution.

Monthly Deep Clean

By performing a deep cleanse on your washer around once a month, you can help fight germ and bacteria build up. One method is to pour distilled white vinegar into the dispenser instead of laundry detergent and then run an empty cycle. Vinegar helps dissolve bacteria and neutralize odors. You can also add a cup of baking soda directly into the drum and run the machine on the hottest cycle using the extra rinse option. The baking soda helps neutralize the pH level while providing a scrubbing action. You can use these two methods separately, or one after the other for an extra clean. These will help you thoroughly clean your washing machine.

Clean the Drain Pump Filter

If you notice that there is slow water drainage, extreme vibrations or unusual pauses during a wash cycle, it might be an indicator to clean the drain pump filter. It’s common for hair and fabric to get clogged in the drain pump filter leading to slow water draining. The drain pump filter is usually located at the bottom front of the machine behind a tiny trapdoor.

Are you looking for a GE washer repair in Edmonton? Call RepairCare at 1-888-501-9702 for a same-day repair today!