How To: Reset Your Washing Machine

Reset Your Washing Machine Without Calling A Technician And Breaking The Bank

Discover the simple way to reset your washing machine and get back to enjoying your nice clean clothes


A very common issue that many people have is how to reset their washing machine. Whether there is an error code, or an problem completing the cycle, simply resetting the machine may help you to solve some of the more basic issues with the washer. And you can do all of this within the comfort of your own home and you won’t even need to spend a dime. 


Step by Step

How To: Reset Your Washing Machine


+Unplug the machine.

+Plug the machine back in.

+Start a new cycle.

+It’s that easy!


This method will solve close to 50% of the most common issues associated with washing machines. Before calling a technician or running to the laundromat, use these three simple steps to troubleshoot your issue. Your problems could be fixed in under 2 minutes just by quickly and easily resetting the machine. 

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