How To: Prevent Dishwasher Leaks Quickly and Easily

Prevent Dishwasher Leaks Quickly and Easily

Now you can prevent dishwasher leaks in under 5 minutes


We use our dishwashers everyday, and because of it, wear and tear can become an issue over time if left unchecked. This video will show you how to prevent leaks from occurring in your dishwasher because of common issues like rips, tears and an out of place gasket. Now you can reduce the chance that you will come home from work one day with the whole kitchen floor flooded and avoid those frustrating, inconvenient and costly repairs. The last thing anyone wants to do is wash their dishes by hand and we can make sure that doesn’t have to happen.


Step by Step

 How to prevent your dishwasher from leaking.


+Open the dishwasher door.

+Take your index finger and run it over each side of the rubber gasket around the inside rim of the machine.

+Check for any small tears or if the gasket is out of place.

+Push gasket back into place if it has moved slightly.

+Pinch the rubber gasket to check for proper elasticity. The rubber gasket should not be brittle or hard to the touch.

+If the gasket is in it’s correct position, there are no tears and it has proper elasticity, your dishwasher should not leak.

+Close dishwasher door.


In under five minutes you can save yourself a whole lot of hassle by checking on a few small features of your dishwasher. With an appliance that gets used so often, and is so vital to your house, it makes sense to keep an eye on it every few weeks just to check up and make sure. This is one of the most common issues associated with these appliances, and now you can feel confident that your dishes will sparkle and your dishwasher won’t leak all over your kitchen floor. 

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