How To: Make Sure Your Fridge Seal (Gasket) Is In Good Condition

Prevent Spoiled Food By Inspecting Your Fridge Gasket Regularly

Never worry about food spoiling now that you can quickly and easily check your fridge seal


Few appliances are more important than the fridge. And making sure that it is always working properly is incredibly important to your family and all of the food your bought. A leak in the gasket of a fridge can increase air temperature inside the appliance and cause food to spoil and rot prematurely, adding up to very expensive waste of food and expensive repairs. But in a few easy steps, you can inspect your fridge and make sure that your food is safe, secure and cold.


Step by Step

How To: Make Sure Your Fridge Seal (Gasket) Is In Good Condition


+Open the fridge door.

+Take your index finger and run it over each side of the rubber gasket around the inside rim of the fridge.

+Check for any small tears or if the gasket is out of place.

+Gently pull on the gasket to inspect the elasticity

+Pinch the rubber gasket to check for proper elasticity.

+The rubber gasket should not be brittle or hard to the touch.

+If the gasket is in it’s correct position, there are no tears and it has proper elasticity, the temperature in your fridge should stay steady and cold.

+Close fridge door.


Inspecting the gasket doesn’t take long, but it can be the difference between a cold fridge and a warm one filled with rotten food. The fridge door is opened and closed dozens of times a day, and because of the frequency there is a chance that the seal around the door could be subject to wear and tear. By checking the gasket regularly, you can ensure that your fridge doesn’t surprise you one day by spoiling your food.

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