How To: Extend The Life Of Your Fridge

Simple and Easy To Understand Instructions For Fast Yet Effective DIY Fridge Maintenance.

Maintenance doesn’t always need an expert. Sometimes all it takes is having the right information and a little bit of effort.


For many families, the fridge is the most important appliance in the house, and it needs to be running smoothly, always. When it breaks down or stops working properly, not only is it inconvenient, but it is also expensive when food begins to spoil and go bad. Regular maintenance such as keeping your air ways clean can help protect you and your family from rotten food and costly repairs. With our easy to understand steps and video format, you can learn how to extend the life of your fridge and ensure that your food stays fresh and cold. Maintenance is a part of life. Regardless of if it’s your car or your fridge, things are going to need some upkeep once in a while. But these repairs can add up and become incredibly expensive, and we understand that. Which is why we wanted to share our years of industry knowledge and expert advice so that you can perform some of the more common appliance repairs as a way to save money and the hassle of finding the right technician.

Step by Step

How to properly maintain your refrigerators air ways.

+Pull the fridge out from the wall to gain access to the back of the appliance.

+Examine the back panel of the machine with slits for air ventilation.

+Unplug the fridge from the outlet for safety.

+Do not detach the panel from the actual fridge, this is not necessary and better left to the professionals.

+Take a vacuum or cloth and carefully go over the grates on the back panel until all dirt, dust and debris are gone.

+Make sure to clean the area immediately surrounding the back of the fridge as well.

+Plug the fridge back into the outlet.

+Move the machine back into the desired place.


For a fridge to operate effectively and keep food at the right temperature, it needs proper airflow. Due to the fact that a fridge often sits against a wall, dirt, dust and other debris such as pet hair can quickly accumulate within the air flow system and reduce performance for your machine. It is a good idea to check the level of dust and dirt on the back panel of the fridge ever other month or so, and for families with pets, this should be done even more frequently. It doesn’t take long to maintain the performance of your fridge, but it can make all the difference in the world.

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