How To: Clean A Front Load Washer Gasket

Fast & Easy Do It Yourself Washer Maintenance

With the right knowledge and some motivation, anyone can perform simple maintenance and keep their washer running longer and smoother.


Food, paint and grass stains aren’t that big of a deal with a washing machine, but as soon as it breaks down or goes on the fritz, these stains start to add up. Repairs are costly, and replacing ruined clothing is even more expensive and inconvenient. To make sure you never have to go through a situation like that, regular maintenance on your washer can ensure that you and your clothes continue to look sharp wherever you go. It doesn’t take long, and it isn’t difficult, but it can really save you a lot of headaches in the future.


What You Need

Vinegar or bleach

An old cloth

Affresh cleaning tablets for washing machines


Step by Step

How to properly maintain your refrigerators air ways.  

+ Open the washer door.

+ Soak a cloth in bleach or vinegar.

+ Firmly run the cloth across the seal of the door.

+ Carefully run the cloth in between the folds near the front of the machine.

+ Once you are finished wiping down the interior of the machine, throw an Affresh cleaning tablet into the washer.

+ Close the door.

+ Run the “Clean Washer” cycle on your machine.

+ Upon completion of the “Clean Washer” cycle, leave the washer door open to prevent humidity from accumulating inside the machine.


With all the dirt, grime and various stains that your washing machine removes from your clothing, it is always a good idea to make sure your washing machine is clean as well. A clean washing machine allows articles of clothing to be washed more effectively as well as reducing the amount of potential bacteria and unwanted smells. We recommend performing a good cleaning like this once a month or so.

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