How To: Clean A Dryer

Fast and Simple DIY Dryer Cleaning

Cleaning Your Dryer Has Never Been Faster Or Easier.


Putting on clothes fresh out of the dryer is a great feeling, but with that comes many different elements of the machine that need to be regularly cleaned. An overabundance of lint can become a dangerous fire hazard and it’s important to regularly clean both the lint trap and the exhaust vent to ensure the function of the machine and the safety of your family. This video will show you in depth how to clean your dryer to reduce fire hazards and increase the overall performance. In only a couple minutes, you can perform simple and easy cleaning for your dryer and maintain it’s lifespan for years to come.


What You Need

+ Flathead screw driver

+ Vacuum Cleaner


Step by Step

How to properly clean your dryer.  


+ Open the dryer door.

+ Remove the filter from your dryer.

+ Clean filter by removing all of the lint. You can use your hand or a soft cloth to grab the lint and throw it into a garbage can.

+ Replace filter to its original spot.

+ Pull out the dryer from it’s spot to reveal the (usually) silver exhaust vent that goes into the pipe.

+ Take your flathead screwdriver and carefully unscrew the screws attaching the exhaust vent to the wall.

+ Carefully remove the exhaust vent by pulling it from it’s holding.

+ Using your hand or a cloth, carefully remove all of the lint from inside the exhaust vent. Be sure to get as much lint as possible, as lint accumulates and poses a fire hazard.

+ Take a vacuum and place it to the pipe in the wall and suck out all remaining lint you cannot reach.

+ Reattach the exhaust vent to the pipe by screwing back in the small screw that loosened the exhaust vent originally.

+ Place dryer back in its original spot.


Lint can be a very dangerous fire hazard if it is left to build up inside of your dryer for too long. It can also reduce the overall performance of the machine. It is important to regularly check the filter of your dryer after every few cycles, but we recommend cleaning the exhaust vent every six months or so.

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