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Debit and major Credit Cards. Pre-authorized credit cards only.

Need service now?

Toll free 1 888-501-9702


Debit and major Credit Cards. Pre-authorized credit cards only.
Entire Home Coverage

Enjoy the benefit of working with one company that gives you full coverage. No more stress running around and getting bounced from one contractor to the other.

Service Qulity

Use us and rest assured that a team of professionals is standing behind you. We respect every job and give maximum attention to the smallest details.

Award Winning support

We know how frustrating it can be when a contractor is not returning calls. We have dedicated professional agents to update and support you along the entire process

The Biggest Canadian One Stop Shop For Home Repairs And Upgrades

Our Passion Does Not Stop With Appliance Repair Services. We Do A Variety Of Other Services For Your Convenience. We Also Provide Windows And Doors Installations And Repair Services, Plumbing Services and Repairs, Roof Installations And Repairs. For A Full List Of Our Services Please See The Top Menu

Why Trust RepairCare in Toronto?

Toronto and GTA residents are no strangers to the hustle and bustle of living near the big city. The large population and booming business climate in the region also means that a ton of people like you are looking for reliable home services in regards to things such as efficient and effective appliance repair.

At RepairCare, we take pride in our dedication to customer care. It’s we know that over the years, you’ve shopped around at repair centers and home service contractors for things like plumbing, appliance repair or fixing your AC or furnace — and had a bad experience or two. No one likes to lose money or have their appliances come out even more damaged than before the repair, and that includes us!

RepairCare is the leading repair service provider in Toronto, thanks to our unparalleled commitment to getting the job done safely, quickly, and cost-effectively. Need more proof? Just ask our many satisfied clients at McDonald’s, Best Buy, Lowe’s, The Bay, as well as numerous other happy homeowners and property managers.

What We Offer

Every repair centre or electrical service provider you’ve gone to in the past asked for a down payment before they did the actual work, and we know you had to put up the cost upfront. But why do have to pay for something you didn’t get yet? That’s exactly the question that we ask at RepairCare.

At RepairCare, we’re here for you first. You’ve already had to deal with a broken appliance, so why put yourself through any more nightmares, like having your repair technician take off with your money or never show up at all?
When you book a service with us, we don’t get your money right away. That’s because we’re committed to your safety and the value of your money. Instead, your money is held in escrow until the job is done. Even after the repair, is your washer still not working or faucet still leaking? Our work doesn’t stop when we leave your home, so you can be confident knowing that we’ll deliver the repair that you paid us to do.

Appliance Repair

Missing your favorite show because of a broken electrical panel or can’t keep your favorite food from getting spoiled in a fridge on the fritz? We use only the most skilled appliance repair technicians in Toronto who can effectively service your malfunctioning home appliances and make them as good as new! Now you can sit back and relax without having to worry about long wait times and costly repairs.


Take long, relaxing showers; wash the biggest, dirtiest dishes in your kitchen; or get a good use of your bathroom sink without worrying about clogging up the drain. Perhaps you need a sewer system backup or long overdue plumbing repairs and upgrades. Whatever your plumbing needs, we provide only the best for our customers in Toronto and surrounding area!

Electrical Services

If you own any property, be it residential or commercial, it’s important to have an trustworthy electrician just a quick phone call away. But how do you find one that you trust while battling with your increasingly busy schedule?

RepairCare has a collection of expert electricians in Toronto who can troubleshoot, wire, configure connections and provide a whole host of other electrical services. Trust RepairCare to provide the right electrical service for your needs when you need it most, at a price that won’t hurt your wallet!

Home Security

Need to find a service provider for window proofing, security systems, or alarm and monitoring systems? We connect you with only the best in the GTA. Find your security professional by contacting RepairCare today, and trust us to equip your home with state-of-the-art security applications that keep you safe from burglary attempts and property damage.

AC & Furnace

Is your AC’s refrigerant leaking? Are you experiencing sensor problems within your HVAC system? Draining issues? Get any and all furnace or A/C issues fixed quickly and for less in Toronto. Contact RepairCare and find the right HVAC technician for you, so you can enjoy a comfortable temperature at home, thanks to a properly working cooling and heating system!

Questions? Concerns? We are available daily from 8am to 7pm EST. Contact us and a representative will be more than happy to assist you! (888) 501-9702.

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