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Debit and major Credit Cards. Pre-authorized credit cards only.

Need service now?

Toll free 1 888-501-9702


Debit and major Credit Cards. Pre-authorized credit cards only.
Entire Home Coverage

Enjoy the benefit of working with one company that gives you full coverage. No more stress running around and getting bounced from one contractor to the other.

Service Qulity

Use us and rest assured that a team of professionals is standing behind you. We respect every job and give maximum attention to the smallest details.

Award Winning support

We know how frustrating it can be when a contractor is not returning calls. We have dedicated professional agents to update and support you along the entire process

The Biggest Canadian One Stop Shop For Home Repairs And Upgrades

Our Passion Does Not Stop With Appliance Repair Services. We Do A Variety Of Other Services For Your Convenience. We Also Provide Windows And Doors Installations And Repair Services, Plumbing Services and Repairs, Roof Installations And Repairs. For A Full List Of Our Services Please See The Top Menu

The RepairCare Brand: Specialized Customer Service in Ottawa

Ottawa is easily one of Canada’s busiest cities, and as homeowner in our nation’s capital, we know all about your tight schedule — including how you don’t have time for broken appliances and malfunctioning home equipment.

That’s why RepairCare is here for you. We deal with all your repair needs, so you won’t have to! With us, you can easily weed out appliance repair centres, electricians, and plumbers that can only do less-than optimal job — for good. The last thing anyone wants is to end up losing money over an appliance that comes out even more damaged after the repair.

RepairCare provides same or next day, expert services and dedicated customer service. We employ only the top professionals who can service your equipment, ensuring that your appliances are expertly repaired and your property is well-maintained. We’re the ones that McDonald’s, Lowe’s, Best Buy, and The Bay trust to maintain and service their most essential appliances and electrical connections. All over Ottawa, we’re many property managers’ first call when it comes to a broken HVAC or plumbing emergency.

Find out why RepairCare will be the last centre you’ll ever have to go to and trust in Ottawa:

What We Offer

Its common practice for repair technicians to ask for a down payment and without questions, you paid for it upfront. But have you ever wondered why you’ve had to pay for a service you didn’t even get yet?

RepairCare is committed to helping you get the best value for an otherwise costly repair in other places. We know that you’ve already had to deal with a broken appliance, so why put you through more risks that come with a hefty down payment, like having your repair technician take off with your money or never show up at all?

When you book a service with us, we don’t get paid right away — even the down payment. We keep you safe by holding your money in escrow until the job is properly done. If you’re not happy with the results, or had a bad experience with the work, we’ll be with you every step of the way towards the final repair and upgrade without the extra cost and additional wait time.

Appliance Repair

Can’t enjoy movie night because your TV suddenly gave up? Can’t store food in a malfunctioning fridge? A broken appliance can easily mess up your regular routine, but it doesn’t have to be that way for long.

The RepairCare name is represented by the most reputable and professional appliance repair technicians in Ottawa who can effectively service your malfunctioning home appliances, so they come out good as new! You won’t have to worry about long waiting times and costly repairs at other centres.


Unwind after a long day with a relaxing bath, or cook a feast in the kitchen without worrying about a clogged drain because of all the grease and waste. Our dedicated plumbers in Ottawa are experts at installing sewer system backups or performing overdue plumbing repairs and upgrades. Whatever your plumbing needs, we provide you with only the best plumbing service for your home. So go ahead, draw up a nice bath or wash those dishes sitting in the sink

Electrical Services

Having a trustworthy electrician on call can give you peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding the electrical connections, preventing fire hazards, and modernizing electrical panels to support new applications.

RepairCare is here to help you do all that. We have expert electricians in Ottawa who can expertly troubleshoot, wire, configure aluminum connections, and provide a whole lot of other electrical services for your building requirements. Trust only RepairCare electricians for all your wiring and connectivity requirements, provided at the best value for your money.


How do you stay comfortable at home? It starts with maintaining the right temperature using an AC in the summer, and a heater when it starts to freeze outside. If your AC is leaking refrigerant or the HVAC sensor can’t detect the temperature drop and the system doesn’t properly drain, it’s time to bring in a professional technician.

RepairCare works with professional AC and furnace technicians who can fix your home’s cooling and heating system and quickly, at a fraction of the cost at other repair centres. With this, you can stay comfortable indoors with an optimally working AC or furnace throughout the many extreme weather changes in Ottawa.

Questions? Concerns? We are available daily from 8am to 7pm EST. Contact us and a representative will be more than happy to assist you! (888) 501-9702.

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