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GE Stove Repair in Vancouver

March 03, 2016

Your GE stove allows you to cook delicious recipes for you and your loved ones. It helps to makes all your culinary dreams a reality. Every once in awhile, your stove might run into some trouble. If that happens give the team at Repair Care a call.


We will have you cooking with fire in no time. In the meantime, read through these helpful tips if you are experiencing trouble with your GE stove.


Know What Cookware To Use

The type of cookware you use will affect how your stovetop will perform. For a smooth glass stovetop, it is recommended to use medium or heavyweight cookware. Flat bottoms are best because they need to touch the flat surface of the stove. Also, stainless steel or heavyweight aluminium are the best materials to use as the won’t melt or leave residue on the stovetop. Cast iron is not recommended because it can scratch the glass surface.


GE Stove Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your GE stove on a regular basis will ensure that it works more efficiently. When left alone, spills, grime and other food debris can stick to the stovetop and burn when the burners are on. Also, spills on the dials can cause them to stick and work less efficiently. Simply taking hot water and dish soap and wiping down the stovetop after each use will not only help keep it clean, but allow it to work properly.

If you have coil burners, wait until the stove is completely cool down and remove the burners. Scrub them off in hot soap and water, then leave to dry. While the burners are drying, clean the inside of the burners and remove any debris that fell through. Once that is done, place the burners back in. Remember to always make sure the stove is completely off before you start cleaning.


GE Stove Code Errors

If you notice code errors on your GE stove panel, check the manual to see what they mean. Often when something needs to be replaced or fixed a code will show up. If you know what the problem is it will be easier to explain what you need when you talk to the repairman.

Do you need a stove repair in Vancouver? Give Repair Care a call at 604 259 5952