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Ensuring Your Safety With Our Technicians

September 09, 2015


It is a challenge for many homeowners when they are trying to decide what appliance company to choose. Often times the struggle becomes a safety issue; you want to know who is entering your home and if you can you trust them.

At Repair Care we have licensed and experienced appliance repair technicians that are willing to service your appliance on time and budget with your comfort and security in mind.


Our technicians arrive with a great attitude and smile each and every time! If you live in Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver or Ottawa you can call our Repaircare technicians in confidence!


Not everyone is comfortable having a stranger in the house. If you are unsure about what appliance company to choose simply because you are nervous about trusting a stranger in your home, Repair Care provides technicians who have gone through background checks, they are insured, licensed, and fully equipped at all times!


Repair Care technicians have one goal and that is to provide you with the most convenient appliance repair service and ensure you are comfortable from the minute we enter your home until we leave.

For your safety, here are some questions you can ask when bringing a technician into your home:

► How many years have you been working for this company?
► Are you registered and licensed?
► Have you worked on homes in the area?
► Do you have a refund policy if I am not satisfied?
► Are you fully equipped to perform the appliance repair?


Our technicians are willing to answer any questions you may have before or during the appliance repair. You may also decide to go on our website to learn more about us and what Repair Care technicians have to offer that other appliance repair companies don’t.

We will build a relationship with you and you can be confident that our technicians will provide the service that you expect. We ensure you are stress- free when we arrive and that your appliance repair is our number one priority!

Call us today at 888 501 9702 for more information!