Dishwasher Repair Services in Calgary

Dishwasher Repair Services in Calgary

RepairCare is Canada’s leading household appliance repair company. We offer quotes upfront, same-day service, and a customer satisfaction guarantee! As a convenience to our customers, we are available year round to serve you even better, including weekdays, weekends and holidays! Our technicians are fully licensed, insured and professionally trained, and our service vans are located throughout the Calgary area so that we can make our appointments as quickly and as conveniently as possible!

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Common dishwasher problems:

Dishwasher is leaking
Dishwasher won’t start
Dishwasher is clogged
Dishwasher makes irregular noise

As well as the problems listed above, our technicians at RepairCare are proficient in dealing with a wide variety of dishwasher problems. We also understand how inconvenient it can be to replace one of these appliances, and we know what kind of damage can be caused by a dishwasher that causes a flood. So, for our customers’ convenience, we can offer same-day repairs and save you all of those potential headaches and hurdles.

Brands we service:

We service them all! And, as an extra convenience, our service vans are packed full of common parts for a wide variety of appliances, so that our first visit to your home is also our last. We believe in convenience and efficiency, and streamlining your appointment is of utmost important to us. We understand the inconvenience a broken appliance can be, and so we assure all of our customers that our repairs will be finished quickly and professionally.

If you’re in the Calgary area, give us a call at 587-316-9839 or book an appointment online!

Choose RepairCare!

RepairCare is Canada’s premier household appliance repair service. We’re coast to coast, from Toronto to Vancouver, and now we’re in Calgary too. We’d be happy to book an appointment for you with one of our professionally trained, insured and licensed technicians at your soonest convenience. We offer quotes upfront, as well as same-day service and a customer satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re a resident of Calgary and you’re in need of appliance repairs, give us a call today at 587-316-9839 or book an appointment online!