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Buying New Appliances Vs. Buying Old Appliances

September 09, 2015

It would be too good to be true if our household appliances never broke down. Unfortunately, this is not the case and when a malfunction occurs homeowners are left in a dilemma, do I buy a new appliance or an old one?

Buying a NEW appliance

Newer appliances offer certain environmental benefits that older appliances do not. These appliances usually have an Energy Star label. New appliances function better and have a larger variety of new features making them more appealing to consumers. New appliances are definitely more energy efficient than older appliances.

Buying an OLD appliance

Buying an old appliance is not always a bad thing. It really depends on the needs and wants of the customer. A definite benefit of purchasing an old appliance is that it will typically be cheaper in price. By buying used appliance keeps it out of the landfill making your purchase beneficial to the environment.

When the time comes to get a new appliance, there are many factors that play a role in deciding whether to purchase a new or used appliance. One of the main things to keep in mind is that even if you decide not to purchase a new appliance, “newer” used appliances are a better option than just a “used” appliance.

Don’t want to buy? Repair it!

Of course if you do not want to buy a new appliance but your- fridge, oven, stove, dishwasher, dryer or washer- malfunction you can have your appliance repaired by a technician. If you live in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary or surrounding areas Repair Care is your appliance repair go-to!

If you want to repair your broken appliance or even for advice on how to purchase an appliance call Repair Care Appliance Repair at 1 888 501 9702 or visit us online to book an appointment now!