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Why Choose RepairCare for Appliance Repair Services

If you have ever been scammed by a company before,  we know it’s hard to trust another.

That’s why RepairCare is here.

Usually, when you book a service, such as appliance repair, a down payment is required. What if once you’ve given them hundreds of dollars, you never heard from the company again? What if they never showed up when they said they would? Dealing with these stresses on top of existing appliance issues can be aggravating and unnecessary.

RepairCare is here for the client. We want to make sure that our clients feel their money is safe, and their service is guaranteed. When you book a service with RepairCare, your money does not go to the company – we safely hold onto the money until the job required is complete.  If there are any discrepancies between you and the company, RepairCare is here to work with both sides.

Same-Day and Emergency Services Available

RepairCare has the names and number of the most skilled appliance repair technicians Canada-wide.This means that we can easily find you a skilled repair technician near you, who is ready to take your service call ASAP. Many of our associate technicians have common replacement parts stocked and ready to go, meaning you don’t have to wait for the part to be ordered and shipped. Other appliance repair companies will have you wait around while they not only find a technician available, but you will also have to wait for the delivery of your replacement parts! This wait time is non-existent with RepairCare.

We will find you service for all household appliances anytime – even during evenings, weekends, and holidays! Get your fridge, dishwasher, stove, dryer, oven, or washer serviced in a timely and affordable manner!

Licensed and Insured Appliance Repair Professionals

RepairCare will find you only fully insured and certified appliance repair technicians. Each and every technician that we hire is fully trained to repair any and all home appliances. This helps ensure that your service repair is not only quick but done in the most reliable and safest way possible.

Simple, Easy, and Hassle-Free Services

If you’ve ever had an appliance break down on you before, you know how frustrating it can be to find a technician that is not only ready to take on your job, but who will actually do the work properly. At RepairCare, we take that hassle away by calling around to find an available and trustworthy technician for you. No calling company after company; just call RepairCare and take advantage of our simple and hassle-free services.

Normally, when you hire a repair company you have to put down a down payment. If that company is unreliable, you lose your down payment and don’t get your appliance repaired.  When you hire RepairCare to find you a technician for you broken down appliance, we take your down money and hold it for you until the job is done. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about getting scammed by your technician, so your repair is done properly and on budget.

Appliance Repair in Canada

RepairCare is available weekdays, weekends and holidays to find you a technician to repair your broken down home appliance. We know the best of the best Canada-wide, ensuring we’ll be able to find you someone nearby to repair your appliance anytime. Do you need a home appliance repair? Call RepairCare today!

Fridge Repair in Canada

Is your fridge leaking, too cold, too warm, or not running at all? No matter what the issue, RepairCare is always ready to find you available for affordable fridge repair services anywhere in Canada. If your fridge isn’t working properly, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we’ll get right on finding you a nearby technician.

Washer Repair in Canada

Don’t let a broken washer get you down, get it repaired quickly and efficiently by a certified technician. With contacts all over Canada, we’ll get your washer serviced in no time!  Contact RepairCare with all your washer repair needs now!

Dryer Repair in Canada

A faulty dryer isn’t just an inconvenience, it can be dangerous if you leave it too long. Dryer fires are one of the leading causes of home fires each year. Don’t wait, get it repaired ASAP! If you are looking for dryer repair services anywhere in Canada, make sure to contact RepairCare for your one stop shop for all dryer repair issues! We send licensed and insured technicians your way to provide you with the most reliable service and repairs available.

Dishwasher Repair in Canada

No one wants to wash dishes by hand; it’s time-consuming and messy, unlike the dishwasher repair you’ll receive when you call RepairCare. Are you in need of emergency dishwasher repair? RepairCare is ready and waiting to find you an affordable and efficient dishwasher repair, so you can get back to more important things.

Stove Repair in Canada

Did you try and cook dinner only to find that your stove isn’t working? Don’t order pizza just yet! At RepairCare we’re in contact with countless technicians who are trained to fix any make and model of stoves all over Canada. Plus, we hold onto your deposit for you until the job is done, ensuring you don’t get scammed. Trust only RepairCare today for your next stove service. Call us today for quick and efficient stove repair.

Oven Repair in Canada

Is your oven not heating up enough, too much, or not at all? Not to worry! RepairCare is available every day, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, to find you service and repair your oven. We know appliance repair technicians all over Canada that can easily repair all makes and models of ovens. Are you seeking the most trusted and reliable oven repair in Canada? Look no further. A simple call to RepairCare will ensure a prompt and speedy repair of your oven!

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