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Appliance Diagnostic: What to Do if Your Dryer is Making Strange Noises

April 04, 2016

What’s that weird sound? Is that coming from your Miele dryer?

Before you begin to stress, take a quick look at your dryer to see if you can spot the source of the noise. It may be something simple that you can fix yourself. If you can’t figure out where the noise is coming from, or nothing you do is working, than you might need to get your dryer repaired. Luckily, Repair Care has years of experience repairing Miele appliances, as well as many other brands. Give us a call, and read this quick guide to diagnosing those disturbing dryer noises.

Normal Sounds – What to Expect

Your dryer is going to make some noise while it is in use. There are a couple of sounds that are normal and shouldn’t give you cause for alarm. For example, hearing the sound of the drum spinning as it turns on is completely normal.  Also, hearing a quick squeak when the unit is started is also normal; this should go away after a couple of seconds. If the squeaking continues throughout the entire cycle, you should call for service.

Unusual Sounds – What to Inspect

There are some sounds that you should make note of that could indicate there is a problem with your unit. These include humming noises throughout the cycle or loud thumping. While your Miele dryer might make some squeaks when it first turns on, squeaking that continues once the unit has heated up is not normal. Also, short squeaking or chirping sounds that repeats every few seconds should not occur.

Troubleshooting Troublesome Dryer Sounds

If you are hearing sounds coming from your dryer that are not normal, there are a couple things that you can check yourself.

The first thing to look for is whether there’s anything leaning up against your dryer. Secondly, is your dryer level and secure on the floor? If there are things leaning against the dryer, or the dryer is not level, the dryer will make noise as it collides with these things during a cycle.

Look inside the dryer for small objects, such as paper clips, coins, stones, and other things that might have fallen out of pockets during the cycle. Also, zippers and buttons will most likely make rattling sounds as the move around during the cycle. Take a look inside the lint filter as well to see if something fell in.

Take a look at all of the exposed screws and make sure they are in tight. If they have become loose, the might make squeaking noises when the dryer is in use.

You might need to call for service for a couple of things. If foreign objects get into the drum front seal, or the drum becomes loose or worn, it can make a scraping noise as the drum rotates. As well, a damaged or frayed belt will make a loud, thumping noise. If you notice either of these, stop using your dryer to prevent further damage and call a repair service to get these things fixed.

Is your Miele dryer still making weird noises? If yes, then call Repair Care for and get your dryer fixed today! Book an appointment online or call 1-(888)-501-9702.