6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System – Made In USA

Best Reverse Osmosis System Ever!


Why Spend Money On Water Filtration System?

The water quality in the world is very bad! no questions about that. Consuming unfiltered water can cause serious damage to your health. Your kidneys acts as a natural water filter and can get damaged while doing it when there are metals and other chemicals in the water.  The million dollar question is… what filter the water you drink. Will it be your kidneys or an easy to use Reverse Osmosis system? Tap water can contain fluoride, uranium, metals, chemicals, viruses and more. A quality reverse osmosis system can filter all those dangerous objects and save your kidneys and other body systems.

What About Bottled Water?

I personally never understood why people buy them for home usage. The price is high compare to reverse osmosis system, the quality is low as it travel in cheap plastic bottles that contains many types of harmful chemicals and its heavy to carry.

More info why not to drink bottled water again at http://abcnews.go.com/Business/study-bottled-water-safer-tap-water/story?id=87558

Is Reverse Osmosis The Best Solution? The Answer is yes!

Reverse Osmosis removes everything from the water. The good and the bad and leaves you with a clean pure water. There are no minerals and nothing that the body needs. In order to overcome this problem, we add a special add-on to the system that adds minerals and boost the PH levels so you can drink quality clean water plus the nutrients that were lost in the filtration process.

Whats important when buying a new Reverse Osmosis system?

  • When buying a Reverse Osmosis System you need to make sure that the system is made in USA using quality materials.
  • Installation by a professional is a must. Many companies will try to convince that a Reverse Osmosis system is easy to install. This is not the case as you need to work on water pipes. The process also involves drilling into your counter top to install the Reverse Osmosis water tap. When done by a non professional, it can result in severe damage to your kitchen.
  • The system must be used and tested by the market for at least 10 years  to make sure there are no side effect or any other long term damage. The systems that we offer to sell all been thru excessive testing and regulations.

How can RepairCare Make It All Happen?

RepairCare is a home services and improvements brokerage. We work only with the best company’s that has the best pricing each in their field. RepairCare will acts as your agent and will do the project management for you while being paid buy the service provider and not by you. Our services are free of charge. You can compare us to a real estate agent that will work for you when you purchase a new home and is being paid by the seller. RepairCare will order the product, schedule an apointment with you and make sure a plumber will come to install it. Your money is secured with us until the system is installed and you are completely satisfied with the result. In the rare case that you are not happy with the work we will use every mean necessary to rectify the problem with the installer with no additional charge. Due to the volume of our projects we have more leverage when dealing with service providers so we can make sure they do an excellent job. We are in business only with the plumbers and best water filtration companies in North America so you are not limited to one system or one plumber.


A Fully working, installed and tested system will cost you $695.00. The price includes the product , delivery, professional plumber installation and 2 years warranty.

Is there a way to get discounts?

Yes! We love bundles!

If you have anything in your house that need repair or upgrade, you can use our company to manage the project for you while we charge the vendor and you getting our services for free! On every job that we do, you will get credit to buy other items with us or get a cheque for the credit. For example you can get up to $2100 when buying a furnace, $400 on AC, free installation and 2 months free on water heater, $100 on appliance repair and more. Bundle with us and get lots of money back! If you require any home improvement or repair, call us and ask how can we help you and whats the best prices in town.


Whats next?

We are open daily 8am-7pm EST and will be happy to answer all your questions. Give us a call and one of our representatives will help you. Call us at (888) 501-9702.