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5 Tips to Keep Your Kitchenaid Fridge Smelling Fresh

April 04, 2016

Is your Kitchenaid fridge making you gag every time you open it? Do you want to learn how to get rid of those gross smells?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our team has put together a guide on different ways to get rid of those nasty smells coming from your fridge.

Often stinky fridges are the result of unseen malfunctions with the appliance. If a fridge repair is what you need, give Repair Care a call. We have years of experience fixing Kitchenaid fridges and all other major brands. For a repair in Calgary, call 1-(888)-501-9702 and book an appointment today.

5 Tips to Keep Your Fridge Smelling Fresh

Throw Out Anything That’s Expired: Rotten food is one of the biggest causes of gross smells in fridges. If you have food sitting in your fridge that’s rotting, moldy, or just past its expiry date, it’s time to throw it out. If you clear out food before it starts to go funky, it will prevent the food from rotting and smelling nasty, and keep your fridge more organized as well. Try the first in, first out rule; keep food that went in first closer to the front so that you don’t forget about it.  

Clean Fridge: An easy way to keep your fridge smelling fresh is to keep it clean. Every couple of months make sure you remove everything from your fridge, throw out anything that’s past its prime, wipe down all of the shelves and wipe down the interior of the fridge with warm, soapy water. One tip to keep in mind- if you notice food or liquids have spilt clean it up right away. It will make it much easier to clean later on, and keep your fridge smelling better, longer.

Defrost Fridge: Did you know that smelly odors can condense and mix with the ice in your fridge? Disgusting, right? One way to fix this is to defrost your fridge, which will also prevent this from happening. Defrosting helps get rid of thick layers of ice in your fridge that make it harder for your fridge to circulate air, and will get rid of the ice that smells in your fridge.

Clean Drip Tray: If you notice foul smells coming from the bottom of your fridge, it might be because your drip tray is full of dirty water. The drip tray catches water and moisture that leaks from your fridge, and if you don’t clean it regularly it can start to stink. Your drip tray is located at the bottom of your fridge under the grill beneath the doors.

To clean just simply remove the tray and discard the dirty water. Next, wash down the tray down with warm soapy, and then soak for a few minutes in water and baking soda to get rid of any remaining smell. Then replace it back into the fridge and you’re done.

Circulation: Make sure that your fridge is able to circulate air properly; if it doesn’t then it will have trouble keeping the air inside cold, which means your food won’t stay fresh. Make sure you defrost your fridge regularly, as well as making sure your fridge isn’t overstocked. Too much stuff in your fridge also makes it hard for cold air to circulate, so make sure to remove food on a regular basis.

Is your fridge still smelly? One of our trained technicians can help! Schedule an appointment for a fridge repair with RepairCare online or by calling 1-(888)-501-9702.