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5 Reasons Why Your Dryer Isn’t Heating Properly

June 06, 2016

Have you gone to take your laundry out only to find that your Samsung hasn’t dried your clothes?

So now your dryer isn’t working, and your laundry isn’t dry. Annoying, we know, but luckily many dryer issues are quick fixes. We’ve listed 5 dryer parts that are the usual suspects when your dryer breaks down. If you aren’t familiar with appliance parts, or have no experience inspecting and repairing them yourself, it’s best to call a professional for help diagnosing and repairing your Samsung dryer. Give Repair Care a call. Our reliable and certified technicians have the knowledge, as well as the experience to repair your dryer in no time.

What To Inspect

Thermostat: One reason a dryer won’t heat up could be because of a faulty thermostat. First, turn off the power to your dryer. Locate your dryer’s cabinet; the location will be different depending on the brand and model of your dryer, but they are usually located at the back of the dryer, near the bottom. Next you will have to test your dryer’s thermostat, which will be oval shaped and around an inch and a half in length and will have wires connecting to them. Your dryer uses several thermostats to regulate the temperature in the dryer, so you will have to test all of them to see if they are the problem. Using a multimeter, set it to the R X 1 setting, and test each thermostat. If the thermostats are working, they should have a reading of zero at room temperature. If not, you will have to replace the faulty thermostat.

Air Ducts: Check to make sure that dryer hasn’t been pushed too close to the wall, which could pinch and air duct hose. The dryer must be properly vented, or the moisture can’t be circulated out. You can also check to make sure that the area where the ducts vent away from the house aren’t blocked by accumulated lint, plants, or other objects. If it is blocked, then remove the blockage; you may need to contact a duct-cleaning service to clear the vents if you have a lot of lint build up.

Heating Element: A defective heating element is another common cause for dryers not heating up. Turn off the power to the dryer, then locate and open your dryer’s cabinet and locate the heating element. The heating element will look different depending on the dryer, but they are all strung up with a coiled wire. Once you have located the heating element, use your multimeter set to R X 1. If you get an infinite reading, then the heating element is damaged; it can’t be repaired and you will have to replace it.

Proper Voltage: If your dryer isn’t heating up, it could be an indicator that your dryer isn’t getting the proper voltage. Check to make sure your dryer is fully plugged in first, since this is  the most common reason why dryer’s don’t get enough voltage. If the dryer is indeed plugged in, check the circuit breaker panel next to make sure that all of the circuit breakers are in the correct positions. If your circuit breaker is fine, check to the fuse panel to see if any fuses blown.  

Thermal Fuse: If all else fails, check the thermal fuse for any issues. Again, turn off the power to your dryer, locate your dryer’s cabinet, and find the thermal fuse. Your dryer’s thermal fuse will have wires connected by a metal slip. Using a pair of pliers, carefully disconnect the wires, and using a multimeter, do the same test as the thermostat. Again, you should have a reading of zero at room temperature. If the fuse has blown, you’ll have to replace it.

Does your Samsung dryer need a repair or part replacement? Call Repair Care at 1-888-501-9702 today and get a certified technician repair it for you!