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5 Easy Tips to Clean Kitchenaid Glass Stove

April 04, 2016

The glass stove top on your KitchenAid stove gives your kitchen a more modern feel.  

Since it is made of glass, it is easy to crack and scratch, which can cause bigger problems down the road. If you aren’t careful, you can even break the glass, which will make your stove unusable. So you will need to take extra care in cleaning your glass stove top.

If you find yourself with a broken stove, call Repair Care for repair. We have experience fixing all models of stoves, and service the Vancouver area. Keep reading for our 5 easy tips to keeping your KitchenAid glass stove clean, without causing damage to your stove or yourself.

Heat Indicators

Before you start cleaning off your stove you need to make sure that it is completely off first. Not only will this help stop you from getting burnt, but if you spray any kind of cleaning solution onto the stove while the elements are still hot, it can actually burn the solution right into the glass, making cleaning it even harder. Most modern glass top stoves will have heat indicators to tell you if the element is still hot or not, usually in the form of a light. Once the light goes out, it is safe to start cleaning your stove. If there isn’t a light, carefully hover your hand over the elements, without actually touching them! If you feel heat rising up, they’re not cooled down enough yet.

Specialty Cleaners

The easiest method to cleaning your stove top is to use specialty cleaners. There are many different ones you can buy in stores. Make sure you get one that won’t damage your stove top; ones that are have a creamy or liquid texture should be safe to use on glass top stoves. To use, add a tiny drop of cleaner, about the size of quarter, and using a damp cloth, spread it all over the surface of the stove. Scrub the stove until all the grime comes off. You can also allow it to sit for a few minutes to loosen up stuck on food debris or spills. You can use a plastic spatula to scrape off caked-on gunk.

Homemade Cleaners

Instead of spending extra money on specialty cleaners, you can use items that you probably already have in your kitchen. These are less expensive, easy to use, and more environmentally friendly, such as these:

Lemons: Lemons will not only clean off any baked on grime on your stove top, but the will get rid of stains and make your stove smell amazing as well. To clean with lemons, take a spray bottle full of hot water and squeeze the lemon juice into the bottle. When you’ve squeezed all the juice in, give the bottle a quick shake and spray the water and lemon solution onto the stove. Then take a damp cloth and scrub the top of the oven. Continue spraying the lemon solution until the stove is clean.

Baking Soda: Using baking soda to clean to clean your stove is not only easy, but very effective. Give your stove a quick wipe with a damp cloth; then sprinkle a tiny bit of baking soda directly onto the stove (you can add more if you need it). Then, with the cloth, scrub the baking soda into the stove to remove any baked on food debris and grime. Repeat until the stove is clean.  

Vinegar: Vinegar is another household item that is great for cleaning. Just like the lemons, take a spray bottle full of warm water and add a tiny bit of vinegar to it. Then give it a quick shake and spray onto the stove top; take a damp cloth and scrub until the stove is clean.

Clean Immediately

The best way to keeping your stove top clean is to clean it right away. When you leave spills, sauces and grease to dry, they are very hard to remove. Some will even stain your stove. Sticky or sugary spill can actually make their way into the glass and cause the glass to crack over time. Also, if you leave spills and debris to dry, you’ll have to scrub harder to remove them, which puts pressure on the glass and can also cause cracks. So don’t be lazy and clean up the mess on your stove right away.   

Does your glass top KitchenAid stove need a repair? One of our trained technicians can help! Schedule an appointment with Repair Care online or by calling 1-(888)-501-9702.