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5 Common Reasons Homeowners in Ottawa May Need An LG Dryer Repair

December 12, 2015

If you own an LG Dryer and you live in Ottawa, the technicians at Repair Care service Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary areas with affordable dryer repairs! Our vans are fully stocked and ready, just call us at 1 888 501 9702 today!

Dryer doesn’t turn on

If your dryer doesn’t turn on when it is supposed to, simply plug something else into the outlet to see if the problem is the dryer, or your power outlet. If there is power coming from your outlet, it is a good idea to check the door switch, thermal fuse, thermostats, and the start switch to see if any of them are faulty. It is also a good idea to check the thermostat as a bad thermostat can prevent your dryer from working at all.

There is no heat in my dryer!

If your dryer is not getting any heat, you will need to make sure that nothing is blocking the front of the dryer. Efficient air flow is essential to ensuring your clothing is dried properly after each cycle in your LG dryer. You want to make sure the dryer settings are appropriate for the amount, and type of clothing you are attempting to dry.

Why doesn’t my dryer drum tumble?

There are a few things that will keep the drum from tumbling during a cycle. If the belt is broken, or slipping badly, if the motor is seized or worn out these issues will cause the drum to stop tumbling.

My dryer is so noisy!

There are several reasons your dryer could be making awful noises. There are a lot of small parts in a dryer that can cause noises to occur when they get worn out. Often times, your dryer may squeak a little bit when it first starts, this problem should go away in just a few seconds. You want to make sure nothing is loose inside the drum. You should also remove the lint trap and look below the lint trap holder for any loose items that may have slipped through cracks of the dryer.

Why are my clothes still wrinkly?

The biggest cause of wrinkles is leaving your clothing inside your dryer for too long when the cycle is complete. Other reasons for wrinkling include: improper sorting of the laundry, no fabric softener, too many or too few items to tumble properly, improper wash and dry cycles, and using too much or too little water.

Are you interested in a LG dryer repair for the malfunctioning dryer in your Ottawa home? If so, simply call Repair Care technicians at 1 888 501 9702 or click here for more information on our appliance repairs today!