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3 Reasons Your Samsung Stove Burners Don’t Work – And How To Fix Them

April 04, 2016

You’re getting ready to make dinner, and as you go to turn on your burners Samsung gas stove – they aren’t working! Annoying? Yes. Unfixable? No.  

There’s no need to stress about your faulty stove. There are simple steps you can take to fix it yourself, or if the problem persists, you have options to get it repaired.

If one or more of the burners on your gas Samsung stove aren’t working, keep reading for our guide on a quick fix. Remember, if you are unsure of what you are doing, call a professional repair service to help you so you don’t hurt yourself!

If you need a repair for your Samsung stove, give Repair Care a call. We offer service in the Toronto area, and have years of experience fixing all makes and models of stoves.

If You Have A Faulty Igniter

An easy way to tell if the igniter needs to be replaced is to turn out all the lights in the kitchen, and turn the control knob to the ignite position. The igniter should spark a bluish-white, but if it is yellow or orange than you need to replace the igniter.

You might need to call for service if you are unfamiliar with the inner workings of your stove. To replace the igniter, first cut all the gas and power to the stove. Next, take a screwdriver and remove the burner cap and disconnect the burner base. Most modern stoves use a quick disconnect system for their igniters, so you shouldn’t need to cut or splice any wires if you have a fairly new stove.

Once you have disconnected the burner, remove the old igniter and install the new one. Make sure to check the model numerof your stove so that you know what kind of igniter your stove requires. When your new igniter has been installed, replace the burner base, cap and grate. You can then turn the power and gas back on in your stove to test the burner.

If You Have A Clogged Igniter

A clogged gas burner is one of the most common causes for the burner not igniting properly. This might be because of food or grease debris that has not been properly cleaned out. If the debris is blocking the gas flow to the igniter, the element won’t work as well.

Before you begin, make sure that the stove is turned off and completely cooled to avoid injury. Start by removing the grate of the burner you’re having trouble with, followed by the burner cap. Next you need to remove the burner base; this should either lift off or you may need to remove a couple of screws depending on your stove.

Now you can start cleaning; take a clean cloth and dampen it with warm, soapy water and clean around the burner base to remove crumbs and other grime. If there is some stuck on grime, take a brush or sponge soaked with vinegar and scrub the stuck on debris off. Lastly, check the burner holes for debris, and use a toothpick to remove any. Once everything is clean reinstall all the parts and check the burner.

If You Have A Loose Connection

Another common problem with igniters is a loose connection. This could occur during a cleaning or installation of another part. The wires that connect the igniter to the control module must have a solid connection, or else the igniter won’t work.

Again, before you start, make sure that the power and gas are completely shut off. Remove the grate and the burner cap from the burner that isn’t sparking properly. Remove the base and check all of the wires to see if any have been disconnected. If you can’t see any that are disconnected, double check to make sure the wires aren’t loosely connected. Once the wires have been reconnected, reinstall the base, cap and grate. Lastly, turn the power back on and check the burner.

Did you try these and nothing worked? Schedule an appointment with Repair Care for a stove repair online or by calling 1-(888)-501-9702.